Keep your site running smoothly.



Wordpress Updates
(platform core, theme, and plugins)

Spam Clean-up

Database Back-up

One (1) hour of Technical Support



Everything included in the Standard package,

Up to five (5) hours of design and development updates for your custom WordPress website.

Discounted rate for additional hours.



Everything included in the Standard package,

Addition, editing and/or removal of products to your online store.

Pricing, coupons and shipping updates.

aftercare benefits

Why is maintenance important?

Regular maintenance is the most important thing you can do for your website – after all the time, emotions and money invested, it would suck for it to get broken or hacked. We can help you avoid this from happening.


Out-dated software is the biggest reason WordPress sites get hacked – updating WordPress, themes, plugins, and all software regularly is absolutely essential to keeping your site safe.


Optimizing your database cleans up unwanted data – we will optimize your database every month to maximize your website speed and efficiency, improving its overall performance.


Security should be a top priority for any website, no matter what. We will scan for malware and remove and stop spam, and create a monthly offline external back-up of your site.

fresh look

Keep your website and online store looking fresh with continuous design and content additions – not only customers (and search engines) love it, but your site will never be outdated.


Services are not transferable or rolled-over for the next month.
There is a minimum commitment of 2 months for all packages.
The required cancellation notice period is 30 days.

Let’s chat.

Are you trying to determine which services fits your needs better or want to know if we can make your idea a reality?


We’ve put together a list of our recommended platforms to acquire your website URL and a hosting plan.

Content creation.

High-quality content is the ultimate key to success. We create images and graphics, logos and icons, copywriting, videos, and more.